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Explore the intuitive features of Multifaith Calendar

Multifaith Calendar

Go Green.....
Make the Electronic Multifaith Calendar an integral part of your daily work environment!

Now all of your co-workers can have the Multifaith Calendar readily available online - accessible on their desktop or exported into their Outlook or Google calendar, tablets, or mobile devices.

The Electronic Multifaith Calendar 
is available online with a password protected subscription. No need to install any software, each  Electronic MFC subscription is hosted securely on the server.

The pricing chart can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

Your subscription plan (one or three year - or prorated to any length of time in-between) begins immediately upon activation.  Note that the Electronic Multifaith Calendar is intended for organization / company / institutional purchase at this time.

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Questions? Click on our FAQ page.

Subscription plan activation... 
(12, 24 36 month - or other lengths in-between) begins when you want (i.e. a 1 Year Subscription beginning January - December; September - August; ... it's your choice), with the following key features:

»  No installation required. Works on any computer, including Windows, Mac, and any network.

»  Option of customizing it with your organization/corporate logo and unique events. We've made it easy to add in your logo, mission statement, and special events.

»  One log-in to all employees that you wish to give access to the Electronic Multifaith Calendar (desktop widgets also available).

»  Unique ability to add any charitable organization to your E.MFC so your employees can donate to it.

»  Conforms with accessibility standards to ensure the content can be accessed by everyone.

»  Option to download events onto your Outlook or Google calendar, iPad, Blackberry, or in a PDF format. 

»  Integrated search function lets you find specific events quickly and easily.

»  Show or hide any of the categories (i.e. faith, astronomical, UN, etc.) in the Calendar...  it's your choice!

»  NEW
... Observances with a religious accommodation consideration are identified

Multifaith Calendar
- pricing chart -

- 1 or 3 year subscriptions available -

need a quote?   want to pay by cheque?

# of
1 Year Plan
3 Year Plan
 - discounted -


Less than 25
$250 $675
B 25 - 99
$500 $1,350
C 100 - 199 $850 $2,250
D 200 - 399 $1,250 $3,300
E 400 - 749 $1,750 $4,650
F 750 - 999 $2,250 $6,000
G 1,000 - 3,000 employees $3,500 $9,450